We Can Save Children

Writer: Vincent Lyn


The terror in those innocent young eyes burnt deeply into my soul; it was five years ago in Ghana when I experienced the aftermath of the rescuing of children from slave traffickers. Those haunting eyes remained with me, motivating me in 2017 to start my own charitable nonprofit foundation: We Can Save Children.


Having witnessed human atrocities, ranging from the full spectrum of evilness such as the raping and murdering of women and children, genocidal ethnic cleansing; I have had enough of the talking, and decided that I needed to walk the path of righteousness. Many a guns have been pointed at me, and if not for a Kevlar helmet, a bullet would have entered my skull and taken my life in one of my rescue missions. But such dangers has not deterred me, on the contrary it has spurred me on with even more passion, since I know that the close death experience I encountered is but a daily fact of life for many of those children sold or stolen into slavery.


We Can Save Children 001

Rescued children in Adjumani, Northern Uganda


My charity started its missions in Africa, and this continent remains critical focus for my team and collaborators, including African Child Initiative of Uganda headed by three equally passionate souls: Mubiru, Job and Segawa. I am not one for directing dangerous rescue expeditions from the safe comforts of my New York apartment, and regularly travel to Kampala to get my hands bloodied in our causes. In some respect, rescuing children is perhaps the easy part, the long and difficult tasks is in treating the physical and psychological injuries inflicted on the victims, which can take many years of recovery. We cannot simply send the children back to the villages, since in some cases it was their desperate families that sold them into slavery in the first place, and hence they would either refuse to take them back or resell them to the same slave traffickers. Hence my charity funds the rehabilitations of these rescued children, which includes purchasing farming lands to provide food and work to keep them safe and hopefully heal them physically and mentally off their nightmare experiences.


We Can Save Children 02

African Child Initiative founders: Mubiru Samuel (left), Job Mukasa Samuel (center) with Vincent Lyn (right)


Currently, I am involved in sustaining three orphanages based in Uganda at Nansana, Namyumba and Kiboga that supports up to 1,200 child victims including from neighboring Rwanda and South Sudan. My foundation have expanded our missions beyond Africa, and includes supporting 3,500 Palestinian and Syrian students at the Beddawi Refugee Camp in Tripoli, Lebanon, with food, shelter, medication and clothing. Education and the training of vocational skills are also very important part of our mission deliverables. With one and half billion people on our planet trying to survive on less than a dollar a day, and a staggering seventy-one million refugees, our work will never be truly done. I continue to share my stories not for my own personal ego, but the world needs to know of the suffering and collectively work to eradicate such inhumane injustices. It would bring me much happiness to see a future where I and others will no longer be needed to rescue innocent souls from the grip of evil perpetrators.


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