Writer: Leong Ying

Christmas Day is predominantly celebrated in western religious cultures as the birth of Jesus Christ; for non-believers, it is merely the most festive and commercial of times. Within Christianity, the two most sacred beliefs of the devoted faithful are that Christ was conceived of the Virgin Mary, and that he was resuscitated upon his crucified death.

In pure scientific terms, biologists define the sex of an organism that produces eggs and birth the next generation as being female. Females (egg producers) by technical definition can birth offspring sexually with males (sperm producers), or asexually without males. Males by such scientific criteria cannot directly birth offspring. Although in certain animals such as seahorses and toads, a male can incubate fertilized eggs to the hatching stage; reproduction in these rare cases still requires a female to birth the embryonic eggs. Also these males technically do not incubate within their internal bodies; in the case of seahorses the eggs are housed in a cavity porch similar to that of marsupials, and the toads breed their offspring within the folds of their outer skin.

With the coming of a New Religion that is facts-based dependence on logical mathematical interpretations and provable science, as opposed to traditional faith-based religions; there is a renaissance in how GOD and our existence are perceived. This revolutionary approach will by its very nature lead to One GOD One Religion; since by definition mathematics and science are disciplines targeted to defining right from wrong. This scientifically defined cosmic GOD is mathematically determined as an unicellular organism with 180 chromosomal base pairs, which also accurately predicts the correct amount of observable baryonic matter in our universe.  Like all single-celled prokaryotes such as bacteria, GOD reproduces by binary fission, and in this cosmic creation process, GOD gives birth to Twin Universes of opposing positive and negative polarities.

Science Defines GOD As Virgin Mother 1

Genetic codes of our universe existing as a living organism

Although traditionally, most religions tend to reference GOD as being male; in science any organisms that reproduce eggs that develop into offspring are always technically labeled as being female. Hence in this new facts-based religious doctrine, GOD should correctly be perceived as a Mother entity. Since GOD is a prokaryote lifeform, it can also be technically stated that life (from which humans evolved) was indeed created in GOD's image, as the first form of life on earth were such unicellular organisms. And since the singular cosmic GOD reproduced twinned universes without a mating partner, then by definition such a creation moment is defined as a virgin birth.

Again in traditional biblical text following the Abrahamic beliefs; the creation story states that a male Adam was the first human created by GOD, and from his rib was birth the female Eve. In the new One GOD One Religion scientific interpretations, the ordering of human evolution should instead place Eve to be created first, from which Adam was then born of Eve. Hence a more scientifically correct interpretation of the creation story should state: GOD created Eve in her image, and from Eve's rib she formed Adam.