GOD Languages

Writer: Andrea Wen


The world resonates with over 7,000 different spoken languages. How we communicate not only determines our actions and interactions, but is the essence of our cultures and what makes us who we are. The biblical story of the Tower of Babel, goes that GOD was dissatisfied with the pride of men, who once was unified into a single tribe with a common mother tongue. As punishment for our egos, the one race of mankind was divided and forced to separate into many tribal clans that spoke in different tongues. Lack of common understanding and conflicts ensued following this separation of humanity.


The numeric language of mathematics is the only universally accepted common means of communications; whether you are English, Chinese or Arabic, they all agree on how to count from one to infinity. Similarly, the symbolism and equations of science are recognized the same anywhere on earth, be it Newtonian mechanics that describes the motions of objects, to Einstein’s famous formula that allows the splitting of atoms.


GOD is a manuscript of knowledge crafted by Dr. Leong Ying, and although the original text is written in English, the new mathematics and new science contained within shares a common technical language understandable around the world. The revolutionary mathematics is based on a new group number theory, from which solutions to centuries old unsolved conjectures are resolved, even radical formulations for determining the prime numbers. Twin Universe is the new science that propels the newfound knowledge of mankind into the outer space and inner spirits, with the ultimate revelation of the existence of a Single Omnipotent Consciousness (the technical terminology for GOD).


Although the mathematics and science can be understood by all technically competent readers, the descriptive text within the published books are still words written in a specific language, which in the case of GOD is English. By blessed fate, I was gifted the task of translating GOD into Spanish DIOS. As one who came from a traditional religious background, the learning that I personally received during this translation work opened my mind to a whole new divine horizon that it is indeed possible to unify facts-based science with faith-based religion.


GOD Language 01

English GOD and Spanish DIOS


The next language of GOD will be prepared by Amal Othman as she dedicates her talent into translating the divine manuscript into Arabic ALLAH. As with all those that have been touched by the delivery of these new logical knowledge and provable truths, she sees this undertaking for ALLAH as much more than mere translation of letters, but a coming unification of heart and brain that will prepare humanity for a universal awakening.


Kristin Schlag heard the message from Dr. Ying at the 2019 Call To World Peace summit in Istanbul, and so taken was she by the messenger that spoke so eloquently of the vision of GOD, that she approached the author and volunteered to translate his masterpiece into German GOTT.


So if mankind can be divinely forgiven for its pride, then GOD may allow the rebuilding of the fabled Tower of Babel to permit humanity to once more unify under One GOD One Religion and speak with the same universal language of knowledge and truths.


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