Art Oasis

Writer: Maggie Law


The emotional trauma of my youth left a deep psychological scar, and it was only through the creative forms of art that I could find inner peace. This love of art I also turned into a professional career, attaining some notable achievements including winning both the 2003 first and second prize international artists competition sponsored by the Artist Magazine with my oil painting Rebecca and pastel creation Serenity. Along my artistic career paths, I have worked as curator of major art galleries, which eventually led me to diving in as an entrepreneur and opening my own school and gallery business in New York Chinatown, which I appropriately named Art Oasis.


Art Oasis 01

Maggie Law founder of Art Oasis gallery


I expanded my artistic horizon beyond just paint and canvas, and took my creativity through the lens of a camera, with many of my photographic works used in commercial publications and fashion magazines. And just as I was a curator for art galleries, I also worked as a professional freelance photographic journalist for media companies. These valuable life experiences gave me excellent grounding in running my own business, and in 2018 I was the recipient for Excellency in Creative Entrepreneurship for Asian Communities awarded by the Business Outreach Center (BOC) international network.


Through each evolving phase of my life, I have developed myself and my businesses both outwards into the physical world and inwards into the spiritual realms. In my present reincarnation, I have evolved Art Oasis into Yoga Art Oasis, and the healing arts now play as important a role in my continuing journey to reach my own personal Nirvana.


Art Oasis 02

Maggie Law creating spiritual art


Along this blessed journey, fate would cross my paths with Dr. Leong Ying, a nuclear physicist, and Teresinha de Jesus Nacli, a Brazilian human rights activist. From collectively hosting an International World Peace event at my gallery in 2015, we joined forces to create Our Collective global organization. And from the seed we planted in Chinatown, our ever growing influential members have reached all around the world, accomplishing great deeds and providing goodness in their mission goals. However, my roots are still firmly planted in my local communities that I serve, and recently I have moved my business location further into the heart of Chinatown situated along the famous Canal Street.


Coming full circle when in my younger days I used art as an inner oasis to hide from the harshness of the real world, I have taken my worldly experience to create my own physical art oasis in which to impact the creativity and spiritual wellness that I have learned to serve others. Along with my professional team of instructors, we deliver a broad range of activities for adult and children programs, including art, music, health and wellness classes. My ultimate goal is to create my own unique spiritual brand of artforms, to help others to liberate their creative spirits and in the process achieve loving peace that the oasis of art has given me.


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